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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylifesunday morning playlist april green cup and saucer sitting on an opened book

Happy Sunday everyone!

myextraordinarylife pot of blue and yellow spring flowers

Some weeks I have a good idea of what songs I’m going to choose, other weeks it takes me ages to decide.  This week I knew two of the songs – Downtown Train and Slow Motion, as I’ve been listening to these two songs and singing them all week.  The other three songs took longer to decide upon.  I probably think too long and too deep about it – I make sure the songs complement each other and I change the order around to see how intros and endings merge into each other.  I hope you enjoy this week’s choices.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well and that it continues with a great day today.  Be happy!

Downtown Train  – Everything but the Girl

Julie – Levellers (featuring Frank Turner)

Silver Lining – Stiff Little Fingers

Two Angry Kids – Street Dogs

Slow Motion – Ferocious Dog

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylife relax listening to music on headphones on phone with a cup of tea on a sunny morning

This week’s been great.  What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!

myextraordinarylife field of yellow daffodils on a hot sunny spring day

Everything seems better.  Everyone’s in a good mood.  There’s definitely been a holiday vibe this week – shorts and strappy tops, paddling pools and barbeques.  It’s been lovely to sit out in the sunshine on a night just talking and relaxing.  I love the light nights.

These few days this week have been so wonderful, it’s hard to believe only a month ago we had snow!  My house is very old, and extremely cold and drafty.  This time last month my smart meter read 0° in my kitchen, this week it’s reached the heady heights of 23°!  I love it!  I’m quite new to having a smart meter so I’m still a bit obsessed with it!  Let’s hope after an extremely long winter we’ve got a lot more sunny days ahead!

myextraordinarylife red and orange tulip surrounded by purple spring flowers

Happy Days and Happy Sunday to everyone!

Enjoy your weekend!


Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

Freakin out – Graham Coxon

Holiday in the Sun – Sex Pistols

Norgaad – The Vaccines

Mr Brightside – The Killers

Lesley xx

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