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Sunday Morning Playlist – 17 June 2018

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist red hello sunshine mug cup of tea red apple red grapes

Happy Sunday everyone!  Welcome to this week’s Sunday Morning Playlist!

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist blossom running in poppy field

After a lovely start to the week, walking with Blossom looking for (and finding) lovely poppy fields, my health went a bit downhill and I had a few not so good days.  But the week has finished back on a high when me and Jordan went to see Billy Joel yesterday in Manchester.  We had a brilliant time, avoided the rain and sat in the evening sunshine singing our hearts out.

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist june me and jordan watching billy joel

Today the great weekend continues as we are off out now with Blossom to Pooches in the Park, a charity dog walk around Bishop Park.  It’s sure to be good fun and there’s even a doggy photo-booth there!

This week:

I’ve been… getting prepared for the World Cup.  I’ve only managed to see one match up to now, Portugal v Spain, but should be able to get to watch more this week.  Not being in a sweep-stake of any kind me and Jordan have just drawn random names out of a hat and will see which of our teams gets the furthest.  I’ve got Belgium and Egypt and Jordan’s got Serbia and Spain.  Let’s see how we get on. Oh, and England too, of course.

I’ve seen… and been on a lovely new walk when I was searching for poppy fields to photograph.  I knew what area I needed to be in, and although not a long walk it was lovely to walk in different surroundings, and so peaceful.

I’ve watched… me and Jordan have just started watching The Sinner on Netflix.  It stars Jessica Biel and has a very traumatic beginning.  Neither of us knew anything about the series, but Jordan had been told about the start.  Wow! It caught me by surprise!  The show is quite harrowing and is making me uncomfortable to watch and anticipate what came before leading up to the present day, but it is gripping.  We’re four episodes in and although part of me is uneasy to see what happened, I can’t wait to see how it ends.

I’ve listened to… I’m a radio person, I always have been.  I always have the radio on; I prefer it to the TV.  During the day I listen between Radio 1 and Radio X, but tend to browse different stations when I’m in the car.  I love the combination of chatter/discussion and music.  This week I’ve been dipping into listening to podcasts.  I tried Athletico Mince, with Bob Mortimer, who’s humour I do like, but I think with not feeling very well, after a couple of laugh out loud moments, I lost interest a bit so returned to listening to old Chris Moyles stuff.  I know he’s another marmite person, but I love him.

Anyway, I better crack on, Blossom’s got her leader ready, she’s off for her walk in the park.  Have a super weekend everyone and enjoy this week’s Sunday Morning Playlist.


The River of Dreams – Billy Joel

Tears Dry on their Own – Amy Winehouse

Ain’t no Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel

(Song ends at 2:20)

Dancing in the Moonlight – Toploader

One Week – Barenaked Ladies

Valerie – The Zutons

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist cup of tea surrounded by green leaves macaroon and note saying enjoy the little things

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Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s a lovely Sunday morning, and promising to brighten up as the day goes on.

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist green lush field with hazy countryside in background

I’ve already had Blossom out for a walk this morning: only a short one today as my walking isn’t so good at the moment.  But it was refreshing, lush and green everywhere, and Blossom came home covered in mud needing a bath, so it’s safe to say she had a fun time too!

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist blossom dog burrowing in the green undergrowth

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist blossom dog coming out of undergrowth covered in mud

This week:

I’ve been… getting my camera out everyday.  Continuing with the 30 Days Wild Challenge, I’ve been making sure I get at least a few good shots everyday, and uploading them onto my Facebook page each day.  The days when I haven’t felt so good I’ve been looking for nature around me; in the garden, the yard or the field straight across from my house.  I’m very lucky that there are so many lovely walks close to where I live so I don’t have to go far.

I’ve seen… so many beautiful plants, flowers and gardens. Visiting the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show was wonderful and very interesting with so much to see.

I’ve spent time with… Karen and Deb, celebrating Karen’s 50th Birthday.  These ‘Big birthdays are a great excuse to get together and have a good old catch-up, and it’s great to spend time with two such lovely and inspiring friends.

I’ve watched… nothing much this week.  I’ve took advantage of the nice evenings and sat outside listening to music or talking.  I’m looking for a good boxset to watch.

I’ve listened to… spotify, catching up on some new releases, from the extremes of The Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (I love strings in any music, so the BB harmonies and strings, what’s not to love) and The Bronx new album, V: very punk, very fast and very good.

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist green secluded bridlepath walkway

Whatever you’ve been up to here’s this week’s Sunday Morning Playlist.  Have a great Sunday and a great week.


Bittersweet Symphony  – The Verve

Loaded – Miles Kane

When I Come Around – Green Day

Man on the Moon – REM

The Masterplan – Oasis

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylife sunday morning playlist steaming hot cup of tea resting on opened book with flowery pen resting beside

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Happy Sunday everyone!  Welcome to June!  Summer here we come! purple calla lily in outdoor pot with small yellow flower

Well, let’s hope so.  While the rest of the country has been hit by terrible storms most of the week, here in the north-east we seemed to have got away with it until yesterday.  And then the rain hit with a vengeance! But I’ve been keeping myself busy this week planting bedding plants into pots in my yard so the rain was very welcome.  Sun during the day, rain at night, that would work fine! Hopefully today will be dry as I’m going singing today!! (Blog to follow shortly!)

This week:

I’ve been… planting summer bedding flowers, including two beautiful calla lilies, to add a bit of colour to my yard.  I’m going for a blue/purple and yellow theme.

I’ve seen… my lovely friend Tracey. We just haven’t had chance in what seems like ages, so it was great to have a good catch-up.

I’ve started… the 30 Days Wild Challenge.  During June try to be closer to nature.  I’m using this as an incentive to get my camera out again, and even if there’s days where I don’t feel so good I’ll just pop out into the garden or the front field and I’ll soon find lots of inspiration and wildlife.

I’ve watched… Peter Kay’s Car Share Finale – Aww! It was so good, and funny, and sweet. And what a lovely ending.  My kind of TV.  In fact, I’ve watched it more than once!

I’ve listened to… Snow Patrol’s new single.  This is growing on me every time I hear it. I think it may be one of my summer faves.

I hope everyone’s had a great week too and that you enjoy your weekend whatever you’re up to.  Here’s this week’s Sunday Morning Playlist.  Have fun.


Empress – Snow Patrol

The Woodpile – Frightened Rabbit

Happy When it Rains – The Jesus and Mary Chain

She Bangs the Drum – Stone Roses

Caught by the Fuzz – Supergrass

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist cup of tea outside with red teapot

Hi everyone!

I’m sitting outside this morning to enjoy my cuppa in the sunshine. Blossom running uphill in lush green fields and valley and hills in the distance

Sorry I haven’t been able to put on a Sunday Morning Playlist for the last couple of weeks, or anything at all on my blog for that matter.

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a set back and was in a lot of pain and just generally not very well at all, so with constant pain and brain fog I just couldn’t get myself motivated to write anything.  Two weeks ago I had a fantastic music weekend with lovely people (Big 5-0 blog to follow).  It was great, but then I had to spend 3 days in bed to recover.  Last Sunday I had every intention of posting a playlist, but having attended a charity music event on the Saturday (another Big 5-0 blog to follow) I was just too poorly the next day to do anything.  Gradually over the week, each day I’ve felt a bit better, so today I was determined I was going to do this.   I’ve got lots of blogs to catch up with so hopefully I’ll get caught up over this next week.

Having said all this, it’s been all the lovely people in my life, those close to me and those just a message away, that have got me through the last few weeks. Blossom running happily in the long lush green grass

I hope everyone is well and is having a fantastic, long, holiday weekend.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Just a Day – Feeder

Terry and June – Nick Parker

Whisky and Wings – Dave Giles

Who knew – P!nk

Riot Song – Pure Love

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylife cup of tea sitting next to a opened book with a hazy sea in the background

Happy Sunny Sunday!  Wow!  A sunny bank-holiday weekend!  This is how weekends should be.

myextraordinarylife pink cherrry blossom

I hope everyone gets chance to get to the seaside or a river or has a barbeque in the back garden!  We’re meeting up with a friend today, so an afternoon in the sunshine for us.  And tomorrow, Blossom is going for her first ever haircut.  She’s so shaggy and hot at the moment so I’m sure she’ll feel much better after it.

myextraordinarylife three trees all covered in beautiful pink cherry blossom with blue sky and white fluffy cloud

Whatever you’re up to, enjoy the weather, have a fab time and enjoy the extra long weekend.

Bye for now.

Mr E’s Beautiful Blues

Alright – Cast

Little Changes – Frank Turner

Beautiful Day – U2

Have a Nice Day – Stereophonics

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylifesunday morning playlist april green cup and saucer sitting on an opened book

Happy Sunday everyone!

myextraordinarylife pot of blue and yellow spring flowers

Some weeks I have a good idea of what songs I’m going to choose, other weeks it takes me ages to decide.  This week I knew two of the songs – Downtown Train and Slow Motion, as I’ve been listening to these two songs and singing them all week.  The other three songs took longer to decide upon.  I probably think too long and too deep about it – I make sure the songs complement each other and I change the order around to see how intros and endings merge into each other.  I hope you enjoy this week’s choices.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well and that it continues with a great day today.  Be happy!

Downtown Train  – Everything but the Girl

Julie – Levellers (featuring Frank Turner)

Silver Lining – Stiff Little Fingers

Two Angry Kids – Street Dogs

Slow Motion – Ferocious Dog

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

myextraordinarylife relax listening to music on headphones on phone with a cup of tea on a sunny morning

This week’s been great.  What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!

myextraordinarylife field of yellow daffodils on a hot sunny spring day

Everything seems better.  Everyone’s in a good mood.  There’s definitely been a holiday vibe this week – shorts and strappy tops, paddling pools and barbeques.  It’s been lovely to sit out in the sunshine on a night just talking and relaxing.  I love the light nights.

These few days this week have been so wonderful, it’s hard to believe only a month ago we had snow!  My house is very old, and extremely cold and drafty.  This time last month my smart meter read 0° in my kitchen, this week it’s reached the heady heights of 23°!  I love it!  I’m quite new to having a smart meter so I’m still a bit obsessed with it!  Let’s hope after an extremely long winter we’ve got a lot more sunny days ahead!

myextraordinarylife red and orange tulip surrounded by purple spring flowers

Happy Days and Happy Sunday to everyone!

Enjoy your weekend!


Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

Freakin out – Graham Coxon

Holiday in the Sun – Sex Pistols

Norgaad – The Vaccines

Mr Brightside – The Killers

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

My Extra Ordinary Life Sunday Morning Playlist Tea and Biscuits on a Tea Tray

I’m part of a music group called the FTA – the Frank Turner Army, that forms a monthly playlist on Spotify.  I love this.  Members are allowed to nominate one song per month and a combined playlist of about two-hundred songs is formed.  It’s a huge commitment by the wonderful man who compiles it each month, and it’s been a huge success.  Because we all have a mutual taste in music most of the songs are immediately to my taste.  It’s a fabulous way of being introduced to new music: every month there are bands or artists that I’ve never heard of before, or those that I’ve been meaning to check out and never got round to it.   I’m still making my way through this month’s list but one of the songs that I loved and kept putting on repeat was The Omen by Camp Cope.  They’re an Australian band from Melbourne and immediately reminded me of The Smith Street Band, also from Melbourne, who I love.  The song doesn’t have a video yet, just an audio-track.  It’s taken from the album ‘How to Socialise & Make Friends’ and I’m going to spend some time this week giving it a listen.

My Extra Ordinary Life Daffodils in a Mason Jar

Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week.  Enjoy this week’s Sunday Morning Playlist.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Have a great day.


The Omen – Camp Cope

Passiona  – The Smith Street Band

Your Graduation – Modern Baseball

Cigarettes & Saints –The Wonder Years

Monsters Ball – Electric River

Lesley xx

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Sunday Morning Playlist

Sunday Morning Playlist Hot Cup of Fresh Tea

Well, we’ve certainly had the April Showers this week.  I haven’t been very far, but the fields have been flooded and very muddy!  Blossom’s loved it! She loves nothing better than splashing about in muddy puddles then sharing the love by shaking herself right next to me!  And it’s great that the nights are lighter too.  This next week I’m hoping for more walks in the fresh air and maybe a day out or two.

My Extra Ordinary Life Blossom on a Dog Walk in the Mud

What’s everyone up to? Where’ve you been to this weekend, and have you any plans for today?

Hope you’re having a great weekend, whatever you’re up to.  Enjoy and Happy Sunday.

Lesley xx

Free Fallin – Tom Petty

Runaway Train – Soul Asylum

Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms

Bury Me In Philly – Dave Hause

My Own Worst Enemy – Lit

Lesley xx

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Easter Sunday Playlist

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter. Oh, and April Fool’s Day too!

Let’s hope it’s a snow-free Easter, and that warmer weather is on the way now that Spring is here.  I seem to remember Easter being a time to start in the garden, well not this year, maybe in a couple of weeks.  As a child I never did egg hunts or egg rolling, but we used to make paste eggs – dyed boiled eggs – eggs covered in leaves, flowers and onion skins, then boiled, to make pretty patterns on the shell.  When cooled the shells were rubbed with butter to make them shiny.

This Easter I’m spending time with my gorgeous grandsons – lots of cuddles and chocolate!

I hope your day is filled with chocolate, Easter bunnies, flowers, family, and fun.  And not too many tricks!

Happy Easter and have a great long weekend.


The Opening Act of Spring – Frank Turner

Nothing but Flowers – Talking Heads

Chocolate – The 1975

Chocolate – Snow Patrol

Living In Colour – Frightened Rabbit

Brand New Day – Van Morrison

Lesley xx

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