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Mars Bar Cake

This is a bad recipe, an unhealthy recipe, a special treat recipe; but absolutely delicious!  Being Easter, it’s a great excuse to make Mars Bar Cake!

It’s not really a cake, just a kind of posh Crispie Cake.

When I was young I first tasted Mars Bar Cake in Cumbria when visiting my Aunty who lived near Silloth. You could buy Mars Bar cake from lots of the bakeries there, but I can remember eating she made it herself too.  I’d forgotten all about it until a few years ago when I received some as a gift.  Being a teacher, we certainly don’t expect presents at Christmas or at the end of a school year from pupils and I’m always a bit embarrassed by this, but I thoroughly appreciate the wonderful generosity, and kind words that are given.  One Christmas I was given a beautiful gift box and inside was homemade Mars Bar Cake.  It was so appreciated and gorgeous.  After the holidays I passed on my thanks to the pupil and his mam.  She was over the moon that I had enjoyed them so much and explained they had made them together as a family and they always tried to make home-made gifts.  She passed the recipe onto me in the playground and this is my version of it.  I’ve added the mini eggs for Easter, and have made them as gifts for my grandsons.

Mars Bar Cake

6 Mars Bars

3 x 100g Bars Milk Chocolate (I used Asda Milk Chocolate – cheap but the best and tastiest for cooking)

180g unsalted butter

120g Rice Crispies

Mini Eggs to decorate


1. Slice all the Mars Bars into small pieces and put in a pan.

2. Weigh out 180g of butter.  Cut into small pieces and put in pan with chopped Mars Bar.

3. Over a gentle heat, melt the chocolate and butter.  You need to stir constantly so the mixture doesn’t stick and so that it doesn’t split and separate.  The nougat part of the Mars Bar takes the longest to melt.

4. When melted, stir in the crispies.  I added 100g first and then added an extra 20g so that all the crispies were evenly coated.

5. Spoon mixture into a lined baking tray or flan dish.  The one I used was a couple of inches deep.  Spoon evenly and flatten down.  The mixture will cool and set a little as you do the next stage.

6. Break up chocolate into pieces and melt over a bain-marie or in the microwave.

7. When the chocolate is melted pour over the crispie mixture and level out.

8. If making for Easter, sprinkle with mini-eggs.

9. Put in the fridge for a few hours to set.

10. When set, cut into pieces.

As I say, they’re not healthy, but very tasty and may be something to make if you end up with a house-full of Easter Eggs this weekend.

If you try, let me know what you think.

Lesley xx

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