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Sunday Morning Playlist

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Happy Sunday everyone!

myextraordinarylife pot of blue and yellow spring flowers

Some weeks I have a good idea of what songs I’m going to choose, other weeks it takes me ages to decide.  This week I knew two of the songs – Downtown Train and Slow Motion, as I’ve been listening to these two songs and singing them all week.  The other three songs took longer to decide upon.  I probably think too long and too deep about it – I make sure the songs complement each other and I change the order around to see how intros and endings merge into each other.  I hope you enjoy this week’s choices.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well and that it continues with a great day today.  Be happy!

Downtown Train  – Everything but the Girl

Julie – Levellers (featuring Frank Turner)

Silver Lining – Stiff Little Fingers

Two Angry Kids – Street Dogs

Slow Motion – Ferocious Dog

Lesley xx

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What Got Me Through This Week…

I know I said I didn’t want to fill my blog with posts of pancreatitis and me being ill, but this week hasn’t been so good, in fact it’s been pretty bad, the worst in a while.  I’ve spent most of the week in bed or on the couch.  I had things I wanted to do this week and write about, but none of them have happened so here goes, this is what I have done…

What I’ve watched…

Ozark on Netflix.

I always say that I don’t watch much TV. I prefer listening to music. I don’t watch Soaps, I don’t like Daytime TV or Saturday Night Family TV, but I do like a good drama or thriller.  TV viewing has changed over the last couple of years and this last year I must admit that I’ve jumped on the Boxset Bandwagon.  So for something to watch this week, me and Jordan set about watching Ozark. All we knew was that it starred Jason Bateman, who we both like, and that it had got good reviews; nothing else.  It’s similar to Breaking Bad in that a ‘normal, good’ person is forced to turn to crime to save himself and his family.  Jason Bateman is excellent as the main character, Marty Byrde, a financial planner who launders money for a Mexican drug cartel.  All the characters are engaging, and the last episode is fantastic! Wow! We didn’t see that coming! We were gripped from episode one, and have watched the whole season this week!

What I’ve read…

Because I’ve felt so terrible, I’ve actually been re-reading: I haven’t had the patience or concentration to start anything new.  So for easy reading and familiarity I turned to one of my favourite authors, Jonathon Tropper and his book This is Where I Leave You.  Jonathon writes with a real mixture of emotions, both hilarious and heartbreaking.  He writes about modern people and families with real problems that you can relate to.  In this book Judd Foxman’s father has just died and he and his siblings have to sit Shiva for seven days (seven days of mourning).  This alongside the fact that his marriage has just broken down may make you think it’s a bit of a downer book, but it isn’t; it’s really laugh out loud funny in places.  A film version of the book was released in 2014 starring Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Adam Driver.  The film is more light-hearted than the book, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it too. I would also recommend the following books by Jonathon Tropper: How to Talk to a Widower, and Everything Changes.

What I’ve listened to…

I don’t know why but Alainis Morisette and Biffy Clyro have both come up in conversations and playlists this week so they’ve pretty much been the soundtrack to my week.

Ironic – Alainis Morisette

God and Satan – Biffy Clyro

Well, I’m hoping for a better week next week, so hopefully I’ll have some Big 5-0 posts coming up.

Lesley xx